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Monday, November 22, 2010

Rough Weekend, Holiday 12

I don't like airing dirty laundry on my blog, that is not the point of it. But we did have a rather rough weekend. Me on the couch Friday, him on the couch Saturday... but we got over it. Sat down and had two glasses of water, a note book and pen, and talked. If we got too emotional we wrote down what we wanted to say and cooled off. We made a pretty big breakthrough in our communication and figured a lot of stuff out. So as sucky as it is to fight, this one I think helped us a lot for the long run!

Enough of that, I am joining in this fun Holiday-ness!

Hosted here!

Day 1: Christmas/Holiday traditions

We have a few... my mom and I would always drive around and look at the decorations on other houses. Or we'd go to Christmas Village in Pennsylvania. We always do the Christmas vigil, it is a gorgeous mass, and I read at it every year. Now, we usually go to my dad's family for Christmas Eve. My dad has a massive Italian family, so I am very much the odd blonde stepchild out (in the physical sense of course, I love my family) when we go!

Can you spot me?

Usually my Dad's cousin John plays Santa and all the kids get a gift from him. It's so cute. Last time I went it was warm in the house so Santa's glasses got a little foggy... haha.

Christmas Day is brunch at my aunt's and dinner at Babci and Poppy's. Too. Much. Food.

Last Christmas I was home (08) we also went and saw the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. Amazing show. I hadn't seen it since I was little and I still got goosebumps when the tree rose out of the stage!

The other tradition is Swedish Christmas. My best friend Sam is Swedish and ever since I was thirteen, and we were friends, I have gone to her house for a traditional Swedish celebration. There is a TON of food, glugg, aqua vit, ginger cookies, this awesome bread soaked in a broth that is my favorite, and tons and tons of other edibles. By the end of the night everyone is completely trashed and we give presents and sing bad carols and watch a movie as all the kids of our age group sleep in a massive line/pile on the floor. Breakfast follows the next morning and we have a delicious breakfast and nurse our hangovers til we can drive again!


I am married now. Ryan and I will have our own traditions. I did none of those last year as I was working at Disney. Ryan and my family visted a few weeks before and we celebrated early, but I worked last year Christmas Eve. I was in EPCOT.

This year, Ryan and I are going to start our own traditions. Ok I called dibbs on this Christmas before we got married because my parents are moving to North Carolina next year and this will be my last Christmas in my childhood home. He didn't fight me on it, but he gets Thanksgiving! So we get my usual Christmas, but together, this year.

I am excited to see what traditions we will have for our family!


  1. Oh how exciting and fun.. New or Old traditions the holidays are always fun and I am sure you guys will make some great memories and traditions for years to come!

  2. Yayy for good communication :) marriage requires work so good for you two to put in the effort.

    This is our first normal christmas, I don't know what traditions we will start but I amm kind of excited for it. I love that you incorporate swidish traditions though :)

    P.s. I spotted you in the picture :)

  3. I sooo want to see The Nutcracker!! Jealous!

    Thanks for linking up girl!!

  4. THe Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center...wow! I know that was amazing!


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