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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Errands

Our weekend, as wonderful as a 72 is, was a lot of errands! Grocery shopping, bank, CVS, dry cleaners for tailoring someone's Alphas, shopping for all our winter clothes, physical therapy (for my back), and laundry. Whew. Shopping was great, we both got winter coats and I got clothes for work, sweaters and pants, black flats (since my old ones had no heel left and nearly killed me) and some gorgeous brown boots.

We did have our fun though, we went to the Maryland Renn Fest on Sunday... aka the Renaissance Festival! I love those things and have gone since my freshman year of college, but I was nervous to see how the hubby would react to it all. It may be a bit too much nerdy overdrive for him, but he loved it. We had amazing food, steak on a stake, macaroni and cheese on a stick, turkey legs, huge stuffed baked potatoes, cheesecake on a stick, ale, hard cider... and mead! We had a great drink called a Bee Sting which was half mead and half hard cider and aside from the few bees that followed us around a bit (*shudder*). We saw Hack n Slash, my favorite comedy duo, perform as well as some very good jousting. Fun times!

Yesterday I had my first bout of PT (Physical Therapy that is, not what my hsuband does a couple times a week!). It was pretty good. We spent most of the time figuring out what I needed and how my back was, I got some exercises to work on my flexibility and proper ways to sit and stand and walk... re-learning to posture yourself is not fun at all. My back was so tense it was actually making my left leg shorter than my right one! So my therapist had to shake me a little loose. Some of my "homework" stretches I actually have done before in yoga or Alexander Technique so they should not be too hard. I just need to make time and do them. I have appointments twice a week starting officially in November so fingers crossed!

After I went to David's Bridal and my wonderful husband helped me pick out a dress for the ball... what do you think?

I wore a blue dress when we went two years ago (and when I went three years ago with my Poppy I wore a black one) so I figured now would be a good time for a red dress! It arrives 10/21 so if I do need it altered (Ryan said it should be taken in, I said it was fine!) I have some time... but not a DB! Because it was less than 30 days to the even they charged me a "rush" fee of $30. Lame. Luckily the dresses are usually cheap enough to work it out. I'd rather order online next time and not worry about that at all, but I am so hard to fit I needed to get my size in the store first. I love that this dress is an illusion halter, but it covers up my chest enough so I am not inappropriate. It fit me very well and I am not gonna lie, when I was in there I was having major wedding dress shopping flashbacks. I was so tempted to ask for mine and try it on but I knew Ryan would think I am a little crazy! But it was in there somewhere (:

After work today I am heading to the Design Run of the Magic Flute I am the Production Stage Manager for... wish me luck! It is going to be a long night. I am praying I can get home and in bed before midnight, but since the run is til 11 I doubt I will...

(Note to self: Stop using ellipses (...) so much!


  1. I think it's a very nice dress! how exciting :)

  2. your husband has good taste! i love your dress. and i love renaissance festivals. i used to go every summer in colorado!

  3. LOVE the dress! Super pretty. And yes, they are VERY expensive. I worried about the same tailoring issues with my dress for the Submariner Ball and then having it steamed after a flight to Hawaii. DB's is pretty steep! Can't wait to see pics of you guys!

  4. I found your blog on the usmc gals forum. I like it a lot, and your dress is very pretty!

    Have fun at the ball!


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