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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Ws

Firstly Kaylee at Devil Dog Darling tagged me in this question thing so I am of course going to do it while at work!

1. WHO do you think would make the best celebrity president?

Is it bad my first instinct was George Clooney? I know he does a lot of humanitarian work but that alone does not a president make. Geeze, I guess some of the obvious choices would be guys like Steven Colbert, that could work. And my feminist side is saying I need to pick a female too so I will say Meryl Streep because I love her :P

2. WHAT kind of crafts do you most enjoy doing?

Photography, scrapbooking, and baking/cake decorating.

3. WHEN you were a child, did you ever see yourself living the life that you are now?

Not at all! One, I was a loser so I never thought I would get married. Being a military spouse never crossed my mind. I was convinced I was going to be "discovered" and be an award winning actress by the time I was a teenager so I could not go to school anymore. So it may not be the life my little kid self pictured, but it is pretty amazing. I am happy in my unexpected place here in the future!

(But if you are a nice talent agent of sorts and still want to discover me I am all for it... :P )

4. WHERE do you visit most often in your dreams?

Ireland. Shockingly enough I have had a lot of dreams where I just know somehow that is where I am. The beach pops up a lot too. Most recently I dreamt Ryan and I were Sims... that was weird. Oh, yea, Ireland.

5. WHY is it so hard to come up with these questions? (In place of why... Tell me one thing that not many people know about you.)

Tell me about it!

One thing not many people know... that is a tough one. When you pour your heart out on the internet not much goes unsaid. I guess the fact that I am very sensitive. I feel emotions very easily. I can be quite empathetic at times. I overthink situations to the point I can physically make myself sick. I try to avoid all of the above and have gotten better aboit it, but every now and then I still have my moments.

My Questions!
1. WHO do you wish read your blog but doesn't?
2. WHAT is the biggest lesson you had to learn the hard way?
3. WHERE do you wish you had been born? (versus the actual location)
4. WHEN is your guestimation for the apocalypse (any shape or form)?
5. WHY are these questions so random? do you blog?

I know number five has been thrown out there before but I am curious. I tried to pick other questions that others may not have asked before. I will tag five people, but even if I don't tag you please feel free to answer the questions in a comment, I would love to see everyone's answers!

1. Carmen @ *We See the Same Stars*
2. Confessions of a Sailor's Wife
3. Katie @ Like Sunshine After Rain
4. Amber @ Goodnight Moon
5. Michelle @ ~A'etonu Family Adventures~

1 comment:

  1. I love that you kept the 5W's going :) haha, your questions are great and I might just have to answer them myself :)

    I am very sensitive as well, it kinda freaks me out some days but it makes us easy to talk to and be around so it's a good thing.
    George Cloony would be one hot president!!


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