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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Step One - Check!

I meant to write about this yesterday but work (my usual blogging time when it is slow :P ) was crazy when I got there!!! Now if you read these posts you will be mostly up to speed...

So I had my appointment with the plastic surgeon today. I actually ended up being late thanks to the filming of Transformers 3 all over DC. Yes, that is awesome, I want to go watch some if it if I can, but not when my husband and I are running late for my appointment!!! Yikes. I was so nervous too. I was shaking and jittery all morning.

Well we get to the hospital and I met with my doctor and... he approved me for the procedure. Yes it was awkward being in a room topless (with an open front gown really) with my husband, a male doctor, and a male student doctor. I focused on the back wall and went to my happy place and tried not to blush. But Dr. Ducic said I am a good candidate. I am actually a DD, not a D, and asked what size I would want. I said the B/C range and asked his opinion. He said closer to C may be better and more proportionate for me but that is just his opinion.

The whole thing happened to fast. I gave the nurse my information, the doctor came in measured me, looked, discussed somethings, and it was done.

Basically my right one (which apparently is bigger, I had no idea but Ryan said he knew that... heck he looks at them more than I do so whatever) would get 700 grams taken out and my left one 600 grams.

I have to quit smoking three weeks before the operation and for three weeks after (heck if I do six weeks I may as well quit) and Ryan cannot around me either. In the words of Dr Ducic, "Do not smoke near her. Not in the car with her, in the same room with her, or anywhere around her. No smoke. At all." Ok then! He also mentioned he has never once had a complication with a breast reduction surgery and I would not be the first! Statistics were discussed, usually 20% of women are unable to breast feed but none of his patients have ever had that happen. Good stuff.

It is a three hour procedure and I would be kept overnight for observation. He then recommended I take two weeks off of work (yikes) and then no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for six weeks post-op. I would have drains the first three to five days that would then be removed. After fifteen days my stitches would come out. Again, yikes. Ryan offered to take leave to stay with me and my mom offered to come down too if need be.

After the consultation I had pictures taken with a photographer in the studio down the hall (thankfully female) and then met with the nurse. TriCare only gave me a referral for a consultation so the nurse said I had to go back and get one for the treatment and surgery and other visits. Cue 45 fricken minutes on the phone with Dewitt Army Hospital and still NO appointment and NO results. UGH. I will call again Monday and keep trying. I need the referral so the nurse can submit my package to TriCare for approval. With my back problems, physical therapy, xrays, medication... she thinks I am pretty much a shoe in.

TriCare please please please do not screw this up. I am tired of back pain and dents in my shoulders and skin problems and people staring at my chest not my eyes. Thank you.

After we grabbed McDonalds, dropped Ryan off at work and then flew to the office myself. It was billing today so I was adding up things for clients and inputting data (skipped lunch to make up for way lateness) all day! I took half hour lunches (vs an hour) all week to make up for it and need two more next week. Got my nails done, came home, end Friday!

Step 2, my PCM's approval, to follow. Fingers crossed!


  1. good luck with everything. thanks for following. i am too now!


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