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Monday, September 20, 2010

Kim's Visit

Friday night one of my greatest friends and former bridesmaid, Kim, came down to visit me and Ryan. I was so excited to see her! It is always good to have someone from home nearby and especially nice to have a FEMALE friend to hang with for a change! Yes I love you Ryan, but you are hopelessly male! Which is usually a good thing... but I need a dose of estrogen every now and then. Kim and I have known one another since my sophomore year of highschool, her freshman year, when we met at our theatre school, and we have been great friends ever since. Hence the whole bridesmaid factor! Now she lives and works in NYC and is still wonderful. She is still acting, doing theatre and small films (which I am totally jealous of) yet still made time to bus all the way down here for the weekend.

Ryan and I picked her up Friday in DuPont Circle and drove around a bit while we chatted to catch up. She got to see the monuments from the nice warm car and not have to walk! We went back to the apartment and changed as it got chilly and walked up to our favorite bar on King St, Murphy's. We had a few drinks and listened to the Irish guitar guy play and had a good time. Now... Kim has this irrational fear of deer. Once in highschool, when it was her birthday, I got her a stuffed Bambi from the Disney store and hid it in her locker. When she opened it she screamed and proceeded to smack the hell out of me... rightly so! I felt awful and I had a real present for her too, which helped, but I never messed with it again. Now this whole time Ryan is playing on his phone and I don't even know if he is paying attention. He then goes, "Hey Kim.... ROAR!" and holds up a picture of a deer he uploaded to his phone. Kim jumped and actually teared up! I was ready to kill him! I smacked him upside the head and he was truly apologetic but he was trying so hard not to laugh. My charming husband... oy.

Saturday we went to the HFStival in Columbia MD. It was cool, we had a nice time walking around and eating bad for you food and beer. The USMC naturally had a booth for recruiting and I went and did a 25sec flexed arm hang (I so remember that being easier!) and won a keychain! We wanted to stay and see Billy Joel and Third Eye Blind but we did not want to wait another four hours so we just left! We heard Lit, Fuel, Macy's Playground, and the Presidents of the United States of America. I recognized maybe two songs total... but yay free concert!

We drove to the barracks and watched Weeds with Josh for a bit and ordered Dominoes. PS, that show is hilarious and I love it thanks to Netflix! After Kim and I went back to the apartment and got ready to go to Nick's, the country bar I wrote about here.

Ready to party country style!

We mostly had a good time until Ryan gave Kim some unasked for love advice concerning a previous relationship (*ignoring me frantically shhing him and squeezing the hell out of his knee*) and made her cry again. Once again, SO ready to kill him. He gets a few drinks in him and he turns into Dr. Phil. It just was not his place. He apologized and they went out to talk for a long time so Josh and I danced. The line dancing was HARD but fun. Two old guys danced with me during the night so I got the basic two step down as they twirled me around and I tried to teach Josh how to do it. We ended up just randomly hopping and spinning in circles on the floor! It was fun! Ryan tried two line dances early in the night and gave up, which kind of made me upset. I wanted to dance with him, not Josh! (even though Josh was great too! He is just not my hubby) Then they all tried to drag me to the back bar for karaoke and I nearly cried. Luckily it was near closing and I didn't have to sing! Ryan promised me next time we go to Nick's he will go early and do the lessons with me before hand so he doesn't feel so stupid not knowing the steps. I told him Josh Kim and I were winging it and still had a blast, no one cared! But at least next time he is willing to try.

Sunday we had a nice brunch on King St and just hung out until I took Kim to the bus to go home. I miss her already!

We learned on Wednesdays Nick's does Swing Dance Lessons from 7-9pm, so guess what we are doing this week? I am pretty excited.

Ryan and I did laundry and watched the Manning Bowl at the barracks. I don't want to talk about it. Giants, Eli.... really????? Ugh.

Lunch time! I love being able to write at work a bit!

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