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Monday, August 16, 2010

Last Week!

I am SO excited that it is the last week of camp!!!!! Part of me cannot believe it is week 9 already and the other part is wondering if it were possible for time to go any slower. Our numbers (of campers and counselors) are MUCH smaller this week. Luckily my two co-counselors are still here. The camp itself has had some counselors who work at other sites come down for the week to help us out since our numbers were too low. Imagine after two months with the same people having this weird cluster of people who worked together that amount of time too thrown in with you! It is a bit strange. Well as for kids, tribes had only seven kids or combined to form a normal size, but not Cherokee. Oh no. We have 16. Did I mention 15 boys and ONE GIRL?? How do some tribes have eight, nine, or ten girls... and we have one?!?!

Plus we have 5 LTS! (Reminder: LT = Life Threatening, meaning a kid with a life threatening food allerguy...) So we have five bright red fanny packs between the three of us which carries each child's Epi-Pen. Carmen, Kaego and I are rocking it. Yahhoooo....

Today we had three campers out, including 2 LTs and our only girl! So we had thirteen six year old boys running around like crazy all day. Oye vey. My feet hurt so badly when I got in the car to do my hour drive home. And it is so hot and humid.

Is it Friday yet???

No. Saturday! Friday means working OT (over time, the kids who stay after camp) then working til 9pm to help with site breakdown. It's paid, what the heck. Hubby has a parade anyway and won't be home til outrageously late. So I need my weekend! And three weeks off before my next job starts.

It helps knowing my paycheck will be three times bigger next month. Man oh man it helps!!!!


  1. UGHHHH thats so many boys!

    Ok, I've been wondering this for awhile..what is a "parade?"

  2. We're almost there!!!! Hell week is almost over!!!
    Love youuuuuuu


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