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Monday, June 7, 2010


Has anyone ever had a migraine before? I think I had my first one ever last night. I can honestly say my head has never hurt this badly before... and I have had two concussions (one last year or so). My vision was literally blurring from the pain unless I really focused.

I felt like the top front of my head needed to be ripped out to stop it, my eyes were heavy and every sound and shimmer of light shot through my brain like a hot poker.

Ok maybe this post is getting a bit melodramatic but my head has never done this before! It got to the point where Ryan finally went and got my emergecy oxycodone usually reserved for my extreme stomach pain and gave me half of one just so I could stop crying and go to sleep. Of course Ryan had to be up at 3am, I think my drugged self managed to wake up and force myself conscious to kick him out of bed around 4am... so a little later than he wanted.

All day today I have felt a bit off. Naturally the medicine had me sleeping til almost noon, but a drugged sleep is so not a restful one, so I woke up exhausted. I managed to get up and shower and then felt horrible. So I crawled back into bed and read the rest of Eat, Pray, Love (amazing book, totally recommend it) until I had to leave for rehearsal. I picked up a salad so I got something in me and even know I feel weirdly floaty.

Thank god my head just feels a tad swimmy. I love the performers, I really do, but if I had to hear a baritone and soprano sing for four hours straight with a migraine, I might have had to punch someone...

Gosh I hope I never get one of those again!

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