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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Want It Wednesday

I want to go to THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. I have been reading Harry Potter since I was 11 years old. Yes I am a dork but I am ok with that. I was going to sleep away camp for the first time and my mom was like, "I found this book about a wizard who is a detective, do you want to read it?" I remember looking at her like she was nuts and saying "Um... no." But my faithful mother sneaked Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets into my trunk. Yes I know that is the second one, but for some reason with early releases I believe the second book was released first (or more popularly) in the USA. Even if my mom was way off about what the series was about (a detective?) I was more than hooked.

Let's just say I read it about three times that week. I didn't even know it was the second one, but it did make a lot more sense when I read the first one and came back and re-read the second one... again! I have been a faithful reader ever since. I have gone to midnight book releases (and even combed the island of Crete in Greece to get the seventh book when I was studying abroad... read it in three days between my classes after finding it in the fifth bookstore I went to!) and even the midnight movie releases. Yes I know the movies are very different but I love them on their own if I don't try and compare the two.

So naturally, I want to go!!!

I even have a friend from Disney working there now! I am SO jealous! She was at the grand opening and saw the cast of the movies and has an awesome job. Can I just say I'd kill for it probably? I want to explore Hogsmeade and Hogwarts.

I want to go to Honeydukes and try all the candy I can.

I want to see the shows and go on the rides!!!

And of course I want to try Pumpkin Juice and Butterbeer. All my Disney friends who have gone to Universal to see the place say butterbeer is AMAZING. It is even better if it is frozen. So yes... I am dying to go. I am even re-reading the series this month to get back in the groove. I have read all the books many times, but never really read all seven back to back. So I am doing it now. I am starting the fifth book today.

It's a shame my husband would rather gouge his eyes out than go somewhere like that... *sigh*. He even yells at me (jokingly) when I am reading in bed at night instead of paying attention to him :P And it is expensive!! The trip there, the hotel, the tickets... maybe if I win the lottery... yes it could work.

But I would have to play the lottery first.



  1. butterbeer just SOUNDS amazing!

    and I've been to the REAL place where Harry bought his wand in England!

  2. I want it too! I also started reading Harry Potter with the 2nd book! But in my case I knew it, when I tried to buy the first one it's sold out! I was about 11 years old... It took two years to be translated to Portuguese!
    I want to see the castle! I want it all!

  3. SO excited when i saw this post. Im just a little bit in love with Harry Potter as well :)

  4. I am OBSESSED with HP. I mean I can't even tell you how obsessed. I love this post!


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