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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So... the kids are adorable of course. Tiring. Keeping sixteen first graers in line is no easy task, but my fellow counselors and I are making it. The worst thing is the commute. I am SO not a morning person and it is killing me. I went to bed last night after day one at 10!!! Luckily the husband joined me as today was a parade today and he was up very early.

Yesterday I actually got up BEFORE Ryan. When your husband is in the military and you wake up and leave for work before he does... there is just something wrong with that!! By the time I kissed him goodbye and was going out the door he was just waking up. Ugh.

Getting too work the commute is not too bad, I am leaving early on purpose as to avoid rush hour on the beltway. I got to work over an hour early but if I leave later I risk sitting in horrendous traffic an being late for work! So I will keep the early hours for now. I was so exhauted when I got home yesterday I actually just laid down on the couch and refused to move. Ryan gave me a beer, ordered pizza, watched Mythbusters with me, and then forced me into the shower and into bed to go to sleep.

I am more awake today. I found a better way home today so it took me less than an hour instead of the nearly hour and a half it took yesterday. I made my lunch, packed for tomorrow (including my crazy hat for Crazy Hat day!) and I am about to get in the shower before going to bed nice and early.

How the heck am I going to do this next week when I have to go to rehearsal/shows right after camp???? Oh man oh man I am in trouble...

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