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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still no internet...

And I am surviving, even if my poor blog is not!


Ryan and I are doing pretty well without it in general. We talk, these wonderful deep talks that go from our living room couch to smoking on the curb to lying in bed. I love them. We play Scrabble and Rummy (which I kicked his butt in!!! 485 to 175!). On Sundays we started our first tradition, post church we pack up the three dollar picnic basket I got and go to the park down the street.

This week it was extra awesome because we could see the Blue Angels flying over Andrews Air Force Base across the river! We ate, climbed on rocks, and walked along the river. All within a short distance of our apartment. Then we went and explored King Street, just walked up and down, lounged by the fountain at the Court House, I got lost in the book store, it was wonderful.

We watch movies, DVDS, quite often. I make dinner and we sit at the table and just talk about our days before he helps me clean up. I am proud of myself for the cooking so far, meatloaf, pasta, chicken fried steak, pierogies... not too shabby if I do say so myself!!!

I love being with him. I love that on Sundays, what used to be the worst day of the week since I always had to say goodbye to him, we have our picnic tradition. I love waking up with him (even at 4am to kick his butt out the door) and falling asleep with him (even if only moments before he spilled red wine all over me as we fell asleep on the couch during Ocean's Twelve). I love making dinner and sharing it with him. I love being married to my husband!

I've started training for work at the summer camp. Due to privacy rules I will not write about the camp or campers, but I am excited to start next month. Even with the hour or so commute in the mornings to get me there for 8am!!!

We also did the marriage Marine Corps PREP class today. It was actually pretty helpful, it is about strengthening your relationship and fair fighting and I think it will be good for us and our silly bickerings. The chaplain and FRO ran it, and it lasted about five or six hours with an hour for lunch. I was just happy to spend a week day with my husband!!!!



  1. Everything sounds great...very happy for u two!

  2. It is truly a blessing to be able to spend time with our loved ones.


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