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Thursday, April 15, 2010

One More Theory Tested...

So I went to another doctor today as mentioned in an earlier entry to test out my mom's theory about my thyroid possibly being funny. I filled the doctor (a regular old general doctor, no more specialists for me!) in on my extensive medical history for the past year or so and our theory. He agreed to test my thyroid but he also asked me if I ever had lyme disease. I said yed I did, in third grade. So he said he'd like to test me gor that as well, my symptoms may be from that, it could have reoccurred or even I am just unlucky and could have gotten it again. Fingers crossed that it is something to give me an answer already!

After I met Danielle, Sam (my Maid of Honor)'s little sister for lunch. I am glad we have gotten much closer over the past few months. We've always been friends I think, but maybe just more through Sam than in our own right. Now we definitely are. We have had a lot of great talks and she has helped keep me sane here in NJ. After lunch she came over and helped me organize and go through a lot of the junk I had stored in the garage and the bridal shower gifts.

We went to her house for dinner with her mom who made pizza and watched Pirate Radio. If you like Rock n Roll at all you MUST see this movie. The soundtrack is killer and it is hilarious. I highly recommend it!

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