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Monday, January 18, 2010


So I have been home for about a week now. It is so weird being back again. I am desperately trying to find a job. I have put a lot of applications in everywhere and so far no one has gotten back to me. It is extremely frustrating. Tomorrow I am biting the bullet and going back to Kohls (ugh) to see if they are hiring. I worked there throughout high school and part of college and I really hated it, but I need money so back I go. I have applied at three travel agencies, an HR position at Protege, Borders, and I tried Macy*s and they aren't even hiring again until mid-March! I also tried through a friend to get a job at a publishing/distributing company she works for Baker & Taylor and I haven't heard back from them either. So like I said, back to Kohl's I go.

Ryan was here all weekend, the definite perk to living back at home. He can drive up and see me most weekends which I love! We solidified our reception venue (http://www.grandcolonialnj.com) and the church since we met with Father Tom officially on Sunday. He even blessed our engagement and my ring. He also encouraged us to get civially married SOON so I can get enrolled in DEERS and TriCare and in the system...plus an extra month or two of BAH will only help us find a place come May! We also went to Macy*s and worked some more on our registry. I love our china we picked out, let's hope someone nice gets it for us!

My Babci and Poppy also gave us their hope chest... it is 63 years old, as old as their marriage, and they are passing it down to me. With a knife set. I was so touched! It is cedar with green velvet lining the little shelf on top, it is so wonderful.

My parents went to North Carolina yesterday to close the sale on the new house (which is where Ryan and I more than likely will spend our honeymoon!). They don't plan on moving until Stefan fiishes 8th grade, so next year, but they are basically ready and starting to move stuff down. Which means Stefan, the dog, and I are alone until Thursday. I am in charge. Dear Lord help me!!! I have to get an adolescent up for school at 7am!

And find a job.

Oh! Ryan and I went to the doctor up here for me today. MUCH better guy. He named three posibilities that could be what is wrong that the other doctor never even mentioned. He also told me to stop taking that damn horse pill four times a day because "It is crap and doesn't work anyway." I like this guy. I am going to get another test done this week maybe and we will go from there.

Wish me luck!!!


  1. What does the doctor think could be wrong? I hope you can find an answer soon!

    I would definitely recommend doing a civil ceremony so you get the benefits and the BAH. It can take them a few months to get the BAH set up correctly, anyways, so the sooner, the better!

  2. His main idea right now is that my stomach cannot digest food fast enough, so I will get a test done this week or next week to check that out. He had some other ideas too, but naturally the names are so long I cannot even remember them to say them let alone type them!

    And thanks for the advice! I hope you're feeling better.

  3. I hope the doctor can figure out what it is. I know how much it sucks to be sick. Praying for you.


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