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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magical Moments

So I am just sitting in my apartment waiting for inspection... I think I have mentioned inspections before. Disney gives us Field Days! Usually its every four to six weeks... ours was definitely four. You can fail, which charges each room mate money: $25 the first time, $50 the second, and $100 the third; pass, or high pass where you get a box of ferrero roche chocolates (we got that last time. I hear them coming, they are on my floor at this point, I think they are actually across the hall so I may not have long!

Well yesterday I went to Typhoon Lagoon with Karli and we had a blast. They are closing it November 1 for refurbishment until January which means we can't go again while we are here basically. Since Karli had never been we had to go.

In the main merchandise store this employee Cheryl was wonderful. She told us her husband does security at EPCOT and that he had been in Vietnam... I was wearing my Is It February Yet? shirt but I crossed out February and wrote October 30th, so she asked me about it and I told her that would be when I would see Ryan again. Then I saw this Patriotic towel, it was an American Flag with a sillouette of Mickey, Goofy, and Donald on it. Cheryl convinced me to get it, my old towel is kind of gross, and I got my Disney Holiday Employee discount! 40%! So I paid $12.50 for an $18.95 towel. It was kind of awesome. I told guest relations she was wonderful so I hopes she gets some recognition!! She told me a woman, her sister and daughter were in a few weeks ago and the father was in Iraq. They were looking at the towel and couldn't afford it so she got it for them. Thats a magical moment if I have ever heard one.

After that we went home and changed then Karli, Kayla and I went to Fantasmic, the show at Hollywood Studios. It was PACKED. I will have to eventually post a picture of the crowd, it had to be over a 1000 people. And we all did the wave for nearly five minutes. I have never seen a wave last that long before. But the show itself was pretty cool, I want to do it!!!! It looks like so much fun. After we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner (or brinner, breakfast for dinner) since Karli never went to one before and Kayla had been once or twice. I love Cracker Barrel. We were totally the people who were in the store at closing reminicing over our favorite childhood candies (dots, pop rocks, skye bars, and war heads to ring a bell) and it was awesome.

Class later, then pumpkin carving with Karli, Don, and Patrick.

Oh. We passed inspection. Not a white glove award though since our toilet "failed". It was clean. We're calling BS!!!

3 days!!! I need Friday now!!!!!


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