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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lonely in the Happiest Place on Earth?

Is such a thing possible? I didn't think so, that was half of the reason I came here! Distractions, new people, new place... so far my plan has only half worked. When I am working I am definitely distracted. My job at Storm Struck is intense, and since I am the only one training for it at the moment I haven't even gotten to know many people at work. My trainer Cinnamon is really cool, she has been really helpful in me learning the exhibit and makes my job easier! She is getting married on a Disney Cruise to her partner in October and they will be in St Croix at some point, I will have to ask Sam (whose family lives there) some good spots they should go to. So Cinnamon is older, around 40, and aside from her I don't know many people at Innoventions. I have seen my Dad's cousin Diane working the Kim Possible exhibit once now, hopefully more. But based from my training I haven't met too many people.

This is my costume for Innoventions by the way. Stylish no?

And my room mates are still good, but we all have pretty different schedules so I generally only see them in the apartment. So my friends count? Not too high at all. I am glad Sam lives about an hour and a half away, so I have her every now and then, but I thought I would have more friends by this point. She is coming tomorrow to go to Magic Kingdom with me which will be fun!

Storm Struck is actually a 28 PAGE script! I have it memorized mostly now, but the timing with the movie is rough! I am still training until Friday when I will have my assessment. I will do the exhibit with the person moderating it, then I have a test on sponsors of the exhibit, hurricanes, tornadoes, product information, and building homes to make them storm safe. Do you know the wind speeds for a Category 3 hurricane? Or an F-2 tornado? I do! (111-130 mph and 136-165mph in case you were wondering). Yikes indeed.

I guess since my family has left and from work making it harder to talk to Ryan and not having friends yet I am lonely. I have dreamed about Ryan almost every night. Some amazing wonderful dreams about the homecoming he will have or our future, others so terrifying I woke up sobbing... hint: it involved a black car and guys in dress blues. Never will happen, but terrifying nonetheless. No word from him today either. Yesterday was awful. I was a human faucet! On my way to work the song I use for his ringtone, Don't Stop Believin by Journey, came on the radio and I found myself singing and then sobbing simultaneously. Then he called me and it was AMAZING but when he went to say goodbye I cried again. Then in church when they did the military intercession I cried once more and through the rest of the mass. Ugh.

I hope I get to know more people soon. Good news? I am off for my birthday on the 8th!!! Sweet. Maybe I will see Cirque du Solei with my discount? I did laundry today, a dollar a load to wash and dry. What a day off...

I really miss him :(

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  1. Allie! Stay strong lovely lady...while I don't know what its like to be away from the love of your life, I know how it is to be away from people you love. In time, you will make many friends! It's always scary in a new place in the beginning.
    I reeeeally wanna come there!


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