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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Third Trimester... a recap

Obviously I am not pregnant anymore, but I never got to post the rest of my bump pictures! I stopped at my second trimester update at 27 weeks thinking I still had a good 10-12 weeks to publish the next leg of the journey before I went in to labor. Well I went in to labor at 34 weeks (and I didn't even get to take an official bump picture beforehand)! Warning: PHOTO OVERLOAD. So, just to have it here....

Dup loved putting her head right on my bump! It was so cute!

I went in to preterm labor at 31 weeks, but we managed to stop it! This was my contraction screen in triage. I actually went in because I couldn't get my kick counts (or feel him move). They hooked me up to a machine and instantly got the heartbeat but saw I was having contractions. I only felt some cramps on my left side and never would have guessed. They said I wasn't feeling Will because I was contracting. I was told to stop all exercise except walking and to take it easy.

This was the last picture I got pregnant. It was the Sunday before I went in to labor! We went to New Bern with my dad, brother and brother's girlfriend Halie for dinner and got this shot!

We had also done my maternity pictures the Saturday before I went in to labor! Talk about cutting it close!! Four days. My friend Kayla took them for us, as she had done the pictures in my blog header and when my husband returned from Afghanistan I knew she'd do an amazing job, and she did.

Ok, I know doing the survey is silly but just to wrap it up...

What Fruit are you? N/A
Due date: August 5, 2016 
How far along: 11 weeks post partum!
Next appointment:  All done, post partum included
Gender:  It's a boy!
Total weight gain/loss: Ouch. I gained 65lbs this pregnancy! It was insane. I lost 40lbs already but still have 25lbs or so of baby weight hanging around. Sigh.
Exercise: Back to weight lifting, yoga, and walking, but with a newborn it gets spread around. Add moving and everything else and yea... I need to refocus.
Stretch marks: In my last two weeks of pregnancy I got giant purple tiger stripes across my belly and on the tops of my thighs. Sigh.
Swelling: Almost back to normal. I was super swollen after labor and have slowly gotten it down. I can fit in my engagement ring again but the wedding band is still too snug,.
Maternity clothes:  Sadly still wearing maternity jeans and some shirts. I have lost weigh, but not enough to fit in my pre-maternity jeans :(
Belly button: Never popped, back to normal.  
Sleep: I have a newborn :P
Food cravings:  Gone! I still want sugar a lot though.
Symptoms:  Thankfully gone.
Movement:  No more, I do miss it sometimes.
Labor signs: Water broke on June 28th and Will was born the next morning
What I miss:  Sometimes I do miss being pregnant, but I love having our Little Man!
What I'm loving:  Being a mom!
What I'm looking forward to:  Seeing my baby boy learn and grow
Best moment this week:  Will smiled at me, this huge gummy smile, and I just melted!
News:  We are moving in less than two weeks!
Milestones: Almost three months old!
Words of wisdom: It never goes as you plan. Just go with it.

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