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Monday, May 16, 2016

Dining In 2016

I wrote about the MCT Dining In last year and to be honest not much changed between this year and last year... except maybe the fact that I am pregnant! I definitely felt sort of huge that night and wearing 4 inch heels (even though they are my super comfy go to heels) was not the best decision! My feet definitely hurt long before the night was over and I am surprised I made it through the toasts with all the standing up and sitting down over and over again.... it was a little rougher for sure this year.

The picture above is the only one I really like. My husband has zero patience for pictures and any time we tried to get someone to take a full length shot of us it did not turn out well for me!

Just the way I am standing and the angles were not flattering so I just look larger rather than pregnant. Plus my face was seriously swollen/puffy by the end of the evening due to pregnancy swelling (and probably slight dehydration and the heels)! At least my husband looks dashing as always. I am not biased at all.

I did get upgraded to Mrs. instead of Sgt's Guest this year, which is always nice. Plus, you know, cheesecake!

This one came out so badly for me I had to make it black and white to try and mask the dress and slight bump disaster the color version provided! I am glad we went, I always love the ceremonies and traditions of the Marine Corps, and this year was no exception (even though I sound complain-y over my appearance, but that is totally on me). I love laughing at the "fines" they give out, the stories, the guest speaker (a WWII veteran who served through Korea and Vietnam and now works at the exchange on base who had zero filter), the toasts, and seeing the people my husband works with. Plus any time I see my husband in his dress blues is absolutely perfection by me!

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  1. I think you looked great! We had a ball scheduled but they cancelled it at the last minute. :(


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