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Friday, September 12, 2014

Turning 27

On Monday, September 8th, I turned 27.

It was pretty low key, as far as birthdays go. My parents sent me Georgetown Cupcakes, flowers, and some clothes. Ryan, the smart man he is, got me gift cards to go shopping. My friend Donna got me some Coca Cola things for my Coca Cola Bathroom (a soap dispenser, a soap dish, and a cool metal tin that now holds my daily make up and hair things) and my phone blew up with well wishes from friends and family and Facebook.

So, thank you (:

I was off from work since I worked the weekend and I decided to go get my hair done. I last got partial highlights in March so after six months it was kind of driving me nuts.

 I went over to the mall and got them done... I love how they turned out but I was there nearly three hours. Bit much! But at my price I won't complain.

After I brought home some food and Ryan and I sat on the couch and watched television for a bit before we went off to spend my birthday giftcards. At Kohls I got a gorgeous red pea coat (with a hood!) since I have wanted a red coat for years. At Old Navy I got two long sleeved shirts, two tank tops, and a nice blue work shirt. At Shoe Carnival I got a gorgeous pair of grey boots that I cannot wait to wear.... so Ryan definitely did well for me for my birthday!

Then wen we went home to drop off my bags something unexpected happened....

A tornado warning! My phone started letting off a siren sound and we flicked on the television to see the red radar hovering directly over us. My husband quickly ushered the dog and I into our guest bathroom where we quickly realized we should at least look outside before we cower in the bathroom. Outside it was gray, not raining, but definitely did not look like tornado conditions. No green clouds, no rotation.... nothing! Fifteen minutes went by and the alert expired. I always thought a warning meant a funnel cloud had been spotted but the television never said one had been. Just have to keep things interesting I suppose!

Donna met Ryan and I at Ale House where I watched my Giants get their butts handed to them for their first game for the second year in a row. Sigh. At least I got a free dessert since it was my birthday!

All in all, a good, low key day. Let's hope 27 is a good year!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome 27th! I love those boots you got! Happy Birthday, pretty lady!


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