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Monday, June 9, 2014


I don't know how many of you have seen this particular news piece floating around, but it is one that makes me particularly angry.

The original story (found here) from a few days ago explains the situation. A former Marine decided to protest the Berghdal/Taliban exchange outside of Parris Island.... you know, because of all the recruits coming in and out of the gates there. Seriously, protest all you want, but at least put some thought into your location. Something pertaining to politics perhaps, or an Army base? Regardless, he decided to wear his campaign cover, the hats all drill instructors in the Marine Corps wear, as a sign of solidarity to "all the active duty military that can't protest" about this.

Sgt Major Archie heard about this and on the phone asked the former Drill Instructor not to wear his campaign cover to the protest. The man ignored him and Sgt Major Archie saw him wearing the cover the next day. He pulled over, the two men got into a shouting match, and the Sgt Major knocked the cover off the guy's head when he got too close. He then grabbed the cover and drove on back to base.

Now the former Drill Instructor (who I do not even want to give the pleasure of naming, that's my opinion of him) is pressing third degree assault and battery charges. Sgt Major Archie turned himself in to the police immediately after the event and was bailed out that evening.

Now I just read that Sgt Major Archie is voluntarily stepping down.

And I am so angry.

Do you have the right to protest? Absolutely. Do you have the right to wear pieces of a military uniform, active duty or not, to said protest? NO. You do not. Sgt Major Archie acted like I believe almost any military member would. You cannot wear your dress blues to the grocery store once you get out. Military functions, parades, weddings, funerals, ceremonies... yes. Protests??? HELL NO. You know better former Drill Instructor. You keep yelling in the video that you're no longer a Marine and the Sgt Major has no authority over you and then turn around to the news crew and say you wore the cover in solidarity with those who are active duty?? You cannot even keep your own viewpoint straight!

Not only that, but this is on a semi personal level. Sgt Major Archie was the Sgt Major in my husband's unit up until earlier this year. When my husband was in Afghanistan the Sgt Major got orders back to Parris Island, his dream job, and sadly left. I saw him at many functions prior to the deployment and heard how he spoke to the Marines, and it was inspiring. The man was motivated, cared about his job and his Marines, and was a prime example of what a Sgt Major should be. His voice was stereotypically Drill Instructor, deep and gravelly and just awesome. I nearly giggled the first time I heard him shouting motivationally across a unit softball game. He was an exceptional leader and my husband constantly said how much all the Marines loved working under him.

And now that man is no longer an active duty Marine after doing what (I personally believe) is right. It is a damn shame. I am saddened to see he resigned and I know I am not alone in that.

To that former Drill Instructor who caused most of this mess; you're a disgrace and an idiot. I hope karma is swift with you.



  1. We saw this last night! I have to comment that I disagree with you though :/ I don't have any personal experience with the Sgt Major, but what I saw just wasn't leadership at it's finest. *I 100% AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT THE FORMER MARINE!* I don't think anything he did was appropriate, I feel like he egged the Sgt Major on, however, I know my husband gets briefed all.the.time. when there are protests going on to drive right by them, not to acknowledge them, and to mind his own business. It saddens me that while I feel the Sgt Major was acting on feelings that were in the right, the acting on them was in the wrong- feelings don't make good leadership, discipline does, and sadly, he let his emotions get the best of him. It's a sad story all around though.

  2. This is a bad situation all around!


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