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Friday, December 21, 2012

Job Interview

After eight months of applying for jobs in North Carolina I finally scored my first job interview this week! It is for a library aide on base at one of the base libraries. I love books so it is actually something that appeals to me! Sadly the pay is pretty dismal and the hours are 0-40 (never zero but anywhere in between) and rotating with some nights and weekends. At this point we are willing to look past that even though Ryan and I both wanted me to get a day job with normal hours. After eight months we are realizing that it is impossible in this town (or so it seems) so I decided to go for this.

I was pretty excited to score an interview, but it ended being a lot more intimidating than I imagined! I wore a suit for the first time since April and made my way to the interview on base.

I was very surprised to learn I was being interviewed by three different people at once! That was new for me. They all had packets and asked me tons of questions which they then all wrote my answers down on. Everything from team work to high stress situations to past jobs to how I handled certain situations. My thinking cap was on for sure. I made them laugh once or twice so maybe that is a good sign (especially since it was attempted). The interview lasted over forty-five minutes and I will hear either way come mid January. Oy. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Hopefully I get it! They are hiring two aides at the research library and one at the main library (which is the one I am really hoping for). I know it is competitive as they had three days of interviews but you never know.

And Wednesday I managed to get all my baking done!

I made chocolate walnut crumb bars (my mom's recipe), peanut butter chocolate chip brownies, rolo pecan pretzels and forgotten kiss cookies (recipe is here on Mommy Musing's Blog (although I did add an egg to it)). Breanna helped me out, which I really appreciated, and she even brought her KitchenAid mixer and her dog so Rylie could play with Bo outside and be out of our hair. Well done!

And it is official: My wisdom teeth, two uppers, are coming out on January 4th. I am mildly terrified as I have an illogial fear of the dentist. So send good thoughts my way. I may not blog for a bit, depending on how drugged up I am following the whole procedure (of ripping perfectly good teeth out of my mouth), so if you want to send me some guest blogs for that weekend I'd appreciate it. Anyone ever been in my position? Feel free to share: imyewneek@yahoo.com

We are heading to my parents' house today for the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone and hope we don't get snowed in on the mountain! And I hope we all survive the Mayan end of the world... even though it means getting my wisdom teeth out when we do....


  1. Fingers crossed for the job! We've been here over 2 years and I gave up over a year ago. It's so hard when there is just a small amount of jobs on base and tons of wives wanting to work.


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