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Friday, April 29, 2011

Weddings, Work, Wahoo...

This morning I was debating waking up early to see the Royal Wedding. I really wanted to, but I knew I had a late night with the Milblog Conference and I didn't want to be overtired. But, it ended up being, I was awake anyway. Why, you ask? My husband.

Journey's Don't Stop Believin' blasts my eardrum out... my husband's ringtone. My cellphone is always set loud so I will hear my alarm(s) and wake up, but my ringtones are somehow louder than my alarm. I jump up panicked and realize it is my phone, not an invasion of an 80s reunion tour in my bedroom, at barely 6am.

"Sweetie. Wake up."
"Ryan...what? I'm awake. Sort of."
"Well wake up. Do you see a black key on my dresser?"
"Ok, I need you to bring it to me."
"... Are you f-in kidding me!?"

So at 6am I am throwing on jeans and CNN watching Kate Middleton process into Westminster Abbey. As I got dressed I saw the ceremony up until they were officially 'man and wife' post-vows and thought it was really awesome to hear the crowds outside cheer! Then I drove in rush hour on 295 to South East DC to drop off a key, turn around, drive back in more rush hour, and get dressed for work. By the time I got home, close to 7, I saw the end of the ceremony and watched them ride to Buckingham Palace. The kiss happened while I was at work. We all bought in muffins (I made chocolate chip ones, first time!) and I thought it was beautiful. We need some good news in this world, why not a happy occassion like a wedding to lighten things? I am not saying forget the troubles of the world, my heart goes out to all those in the South ravaged by tornadoes and those in war torn countries and other horrible things, but seeing a good news story... well it felt nice too.

And she went with Sara Burton/Alexander McQueen. I knew it!!!! And I totally called the lace sleeves. She looked stunning. The second evening dress was gorgeous as well. And she and Pippa (looove that name) are tiny. Dear Lord!

Of course the kiss(es) were sweet...

Obviously not my picture...stole from AOL homescreen.

Anyway, work was crazy today and I just got home, showered and I am now about to get ready to metro over to the Milblog Conference! EEEK!

See some of you lovely ladies there!


  1. Can u believe how skinny they are!? Kate is 29! Im 21 and don't have a figure like hers!! Terrible!

  2. I've gotten that phone call...more than once:) Fun times!

  3. they are tiny it's sickening! but the wedding was awesome. all the ladies at work watched :) man, you're better than me. i wouldn't have answered the phone!


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