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Monday, April 4, 2011

Military Life Alpha - Zulu

Link up with Wife on the Roller Coaster! Some of these were harder than I thought but I got at least one per letter... mostly USMC related obviously :P

Riding the Roller Coaster

Alpha – A-Duty, Afghanistan, Ammo, Alphas!
Bravo – Base, BCGs, Bravos!
Charlie – Commitment, Care packages, Cover, Commissary, COG, Corporal, C-Bag, Combat, Combat Boots, Charlies!
Delta – Deployments, Deserts, Duty, Devil Dog, Dress Blues!
Echo – E-5, (E-1 – E-9), Energy Drinks
Foxtrot – FRO, Field Ops, FOB
Golf – Gunner, Grunt, Guard
Hotel – Husband, Hummers, Hurry up and Wait, Humps
India – Infantry, Iraq
Juliet – Jump School, Jokes, Jerky (as in the beef variety)
Kilo – Kbar, Knife, Kevlar
Lima – Love, LAVs, Lance Corporal, Listening, Learning
Mike – MEU, MRE, Major, M-16, MPs, Mustache/Molestache (OF DOOM)
November – NCO, NVGs, Ninety Sixes!
Oscar – ORDERS!!! Overtime! OOD, Officer, OOH RAH!
Papa – PX, Parade, PT, Pistol, PCS
Quebec – Quick, Quips, Quantico
Romeo – Range, Robots, Recon, Running, Rifle
Sierra – SOG, Sergeant, Sand, Smoking, Seventy twos, Sandbox
Tango – Training, Talking, TAD
Uniform - …uniform :P Urgent, Utility
Victor – V-Day, Victory, Van
Whiskey – Whiskey :P Wife, Warrant Officer
X-Ray – X-Rays! (You know they all get at least one)
Yankee – Years, Young, Yut!
Zulu – Zip ties, Zero Sleep

Still no word on orders. Keep your fingers crossed for us please.


  1. Of course I've already seen your list, and you already know I love it.

    Thank you so much for participating and linking up with me today! Now I need to get working on adding everyone's answers to my main list!

  2. I can't believe I forgot a Kbar!!!! Its horrible since my husband actually has once... by the way your list is pretty sweet :)


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