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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Dayyyy

First of all this was the weather! So I was pretty happy.

Then my boss got Georgetown Cupcakes from her husband... and shared!

But when I got home the chain was on the door. I was locked out! I hear, "Hold on a second!" Now I am curious. Ryan lets me in and makes me close my eyes. So he guides me to the living room and I see this set up, but with lit candles!

All from this wonderful guy....

Who also got some magnets from me in his card that looked like this because I could not resist...

We then went to my FAVORITE restaurant for dinner in Old Town. We even walked like old times this summer since it was nice out! It is a greek restuarant that I just love. Usually it is closed on Mondays but it was open for Valentine's Day and Ryan got a reservation. We had saganaki, an amazing bottle of red wine, and the sampler platter for dinner (yes we ordered the same thing, but it is my favorite that I always get!). It comes with Moussaka, Pastitsio, Dolmades (my absolute favorite), Soudsoukakia and Spanakopita (Ryan's favorite!). YUM. Plus bread and spiced olive oil and I am full. We sat for a long time talking and finishing our wine. As we were just about done the owner gave all the tables a free glass of dessert wine (or port?). Oy. It was just amazing. I love that restaurant and if I could go there once a week, I totally would!

We had a very full, slightly tipsy walk home where Ryan told me to pick out a romantic comedy on Netflix. Really??? So we watched When Harry Met Sally because I thought he actually would like it. He did. But scarily some of the things Harry said in the movie are SO Ryan it kinda weirded me out. I made this dessert the night before so we ate this too...

It is a mini cake with raspberry jam and toasted almonds inside, covered with a chocolate-y shell. I may share the recipe (it is pretty simple) if anyone wants it! My mom sent it to me.

And thanks to Liv at Simply Sunshine and Daisies for the awesome Valentines! They definitely made me smile, especially the Mickey and Minnie one!

I couldn't help but take more pictures of my flowers this morning.


  1. awwww, that is so sweet that your husband went the extra mile and put so much thought into valentine's day. You are a lucky woman :) Glad you had such a nice day. Sounds perfect :)

  2. Aww what a lovely day! and such thoughtful gifts! So sweet! You are very welcome for the Vday cards! :)

  3. mmmm..... seems like you had a wonderful Valentine's day! :))
    Thanks for stopping by!


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