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Friday, February 11, 2011

Re-Enlistment, Recruiting, Re-Evaluating Take Two

First of all I have to thank all of you who commented on my last entry. I really really appreciate all your insight and support. So thank you thank you thank you!

So, here's the update/current situation.

Last night we talked about the possibility of Ryan doing recruiting. I even shared some of your comments with him! He really wants to do recruiting and go back to South Carolina for a few years. He would be great at it, I know it. He could talk the fuzz off of a peach if he had to and he loves the Marine Corps. I was a bit jealous that we might end up in his home state, with his friends and family nearby, and him doing the job he wanted. I would be further from my family and friends, have no job at first, and again be in a whole new place! I have visited SC obviously, but living there is a whole new ballpark! We talked about it though. Tears were shed. Compromises made. We went to bed on a good note.

Ryan decided to go in and try and put in for it today.

Full. Zero Boat Space.

In fact, everything is full... except intelligence. Infantry had one space in 0313 (he is 0311) but if he took that, well it would be it. He couldn't lat move again after that and it isn't what he wants. Now with intell he is worried. Ryan has two NJPs on his record from a few years ago for underage drinking. He is afraid that will severely hurt his chances. Plus he needs to write an autobiography as well as a paper on the current events in Egypt (with his opinion on the matter) then go before a selection board. It is an awful lot of work for something that can be so hit or miss. But he doesn't have much of a choice.

Ryan keeps saying if he can't re-enlist in the Marines he may try for the Army. Wait... what?? Since when was that an option?? Well now it is. He wants to try and become an MP or something. Oy. I don't know how you Army Wives do it, but the idea of year long deployments makes me want to hide under our bed with the suitcases and the dust bunnies. :(


I guess just keep us in your thoughts. We'll have to wait and see what happens at this point.

Not my picture, from google, but you get the idea...

Oh. I went out to go to work this morning and my tire had a bubble in it again. Different tire. Smaller bubble. I had to go to the barracks last night for Family Welcome Night (when I have been dating Ryan 2 years and married to him nearly 1 and he was stationed here all the time... but if we both went he earned a day off!) and I parked in the free street parking but on top of this weird asphalt bump. I even asked Ryan if that would damage my tire and he said "Only if you parked there all day. Two hours will be fine."

Flash forward to this morning and there is the bubble. I know I cannot drive on that so I started walking to work. Brr. I called my boss to tell her I'd be late and she insisted on coming to get me. I will most likely walk home in three minutes as Ryan is stuck in traffic somewhere.

Is it Saturday yet?????


  1. I hope the re-enlisting thing goes well! He could always go AF! ;) They deploy, but it's 6 months max unless they volunteer for a 365. Just a thought, even though I know what people think of the AF. Lol.

  2. Year long deploys suck, I won't lie to you.. However, there are a lot of benefits to the Army. Depending on his MOS, he could have anywhere from 3 to 6 month deployments.. I know that if he goes 160th (Spec Ops), they only deploy for around 90 days and I may be mistaken, but I do believe they have an MP MOS.. Not sure, but it's worth looking into! Good luck!

  3. AF, Army.. what about the Navy? Lol.. My husband thought about that too.. Oy is right!! Hope things open up for him!

  4. The Army isn't all that bad. =P The year long deployments do definitely suck, but you do feel very accomplished for doing it. We're several months shy of having this deployment over with. I will definitely be glad when it's over. I always feel bad for being upset when Marine or AF wives complain about their 3-9 month deployments. I'd take that any day! There are definite benefits to being in the Army and I'm sure they're not much different than the Marines. Just give him time to mull things over and try not to worry too much. And if you do end up being an Army wife, we'll welcome you to the club and get you through those long deployments!

  5. Well think of it this way ... my husband is currently a recruiter for the Marines ... and he hates it. He's been working 80 hours a week since we PCSed here 21 months ago. BUT! I think the important thing is to enjoy the ride, no matter WHERE his career ends up taking you

  6. Hi, I'm a new follower. I have enjoyed reading your blog so far! Feel free to stop by and say hello sometime.

    - Rachelle

  7. Oh geez!! I know what you mean about Army deployments! Your boss sounds amazing though for doing that! Hopefully car problems are OVER... PS: I'm a new follower :) Should probably have said that first! Oops!

  8. I hope everything works out for you guys. I HATE having those kind of career discussions with my hubby (we've had a lot of them and have only been married for 6 months). There always seem to be so many options with the military, and new options are constantly being brought in to play that you didn't even know about before! I feel for you!


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