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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Change by Kaylee (aka my Blogging Bestest!)

Ok, day two! Hopefully I am home from the hospital and nice and loopy so I don't feel anything on my way to recovery! So, behold... my blogging besty! I absolutely adore Kaylee and I am so glad she agreed to do a guest post for me after I pestered her relentlessly asked her. She is a fabulous writer and mommy to be and her story is one to read. Head over to Moore than a Mrs and share some love!


Dunnhhhh Duhhnnn Duhhnnn!

Start the scary Jaws music and prepare to be shaking in your bikini tops because change can be a scary thing for some people.

As well all know, the only reason you are reading writings by me here is because my bloggy bestest is undergoing Big Changes!

Sure she is super nervous!

Yes she had to prepare for this for the past few months.

Of course this is going to change her life forever.

And Heck Yes, this is well worth it!

See, if you are like me, then change is can be pretty scary. When Jacob got out of the Marine Corp 1 year ago, I was so ready to have my husband home with me like every other normal relationship that I had ever had. I was so ready for us to start our life together and actually be together (since we weren’t for the first 5 months)!


About 2 months before his EAS day… I started to freak out uncontrollably worry. What were we going to do? How would we react to x,y, or z scenario? Would it take long for him to find another job? Will we be okay? From there I caught myself really second guessing our his decision for leaving the military life style. Jacob was ready to be out though, so I respected his wishes and we made the change.

It was a tough one, let me tell you!

But in the end, I couldn’t picture life any other way.

We faced a few challenges and left with a few battle scars, but in the end, it wasn’t so bad and our lives have grown and flourished from the dreaded change.
Some changes aren’t quite so big though. There is the changing of one’s hair color. There is the changing of one’s car. There is the changing of the type of food you eat. There are new jobs, new houses, new pets, new clothes and the best of course is new shoes.

What I am trying to say is that no matter what the change, they can all be challenging, like breaking in those super cute peep toe pumps for a month and tending to your battle scars blisters while doing so.

Allie is making a big change for her, and no matter how scared, nervous, worried or slightly excited she may be, this is still something new for her. She is trying something unknown, but she is such an awesome person that she is keeping a positive outlook and grabbing the change by the horns and embracing it! (She is doing much better than I would be.)

Change is what you make of it.

I could have locked myself in our apartment when Jacob got out of the Corps and never enjoyed anything new for the sheer fear that it was all new, but where would that have gotten me or us?

I could have thrown those super cute peep toe pumps in the closet and never worn them again after night number one, but that would have wasted $110, and Jacob would have had my head.

Change is what you make it out to be, and if you make it fun and exciting… I promise it will be.

Good luck Allie – oop :)

This will be awesome!

(And take advantage of being waited on... that's the best part!)


  1. Hi Everyone.....Allie's mom Fran here. Allie did great yesterday. They pushed her surgery from 9:30AM....to 2PM....to 4PM...lots of stress and waiting around....but she did great they kept her overnight, her Marine stayed with her :-) She will come home later today (Thursday) for now she opted for breakfast (her favorite food) morphine (yay for morphine) and sleep. I am so happy it's over and so proud of her and her decision and guts. Thanks for all your prayers, wishes and good thoughts...Fran


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