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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Verseo 100 Warm Feet Sweepstakes

Check out the 3:15 mark ;)

This Veterans Day 2010 will mark the 10th year our troops brave cold Afghan winters in support of our country. This November President Obama has also declared this month to be "Military Family Appreciation Month". To this end, we'd like to send a special thanks to our U.S. soldiers this winter season by offering warm feet relief and show our support to military families everywhere.

Verseo's '100 Warm Feet Project' teamed up with Military Spouse bloggers - HouseHold 6 Diva and This Military Mama to create a video montage celebrating military families everywhere and to help spread the word of the sweepstakes. The point of the video is simple -- show the essence of military spouse bloggers and the story will tell itself. We support both our troops' and their families' sacrifices this November and would like to offer a special sweepstakes in their honor.

If you are or will be stationed in Afghanistan or if you have a loved one serving in any of the U.S. armed forces that would welcome warm feet this winter, enter our sweepstakes. We'll pick 50 random entries on November 29th, 2010 and send 50 winners a pair of our ThermoSole Rechargeable Heated Insoles. A $99 value. ThermoSoles need to be plugged in to be charged but can offer warm feet relief for up to 8 hours with a single charge. Sensors in the insoles means your feet never get too warm. Instead, the heat source stays regulated between a range of 78.8-98.6 degrees F (26-37 degrees C). ThermoSoles can be cut to adjust for width size and offer cushioned support.

All entrant information is kept private. See official rules & regulations.

Verseo 100 Warm Feet Sweepstakes runs from October 24 - November 29, 2010.


All information copied from the Verseo 100 Warm Feet Project Website!

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