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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween was a lot more low key this year than it has been for me in the past. I had shows all weekend and Ryan and I had no plans, so we didn't want to spend a lot of money on costumes to wear once (boo). During the day Ryan and I went shopping for stuff to have people over for a Halloween dinner and we carved a pumpkin! Saturday night I had a show but my friends from college invited me to the Drama Department Halloween Party after. Ryan said he was going out so I decided to stop by. I didn't have a costume and did not want to pay a cover charge so I made one in the tech shop. My friend Kim gets 100% credit for it and I blatantly stole it (ok I texted her permission and she said I could) but basically I carried a picket sign that said, "Nudist on Strike".

Think about it... I can wait.

Hey I thought it was funny!

Anyway, I went with Jay (my friend and the opera director) over there and let me tell ya the drama dept has gotten a lot more risque since my time!!! So much cleavage... I had no idea where to look without turning red for them! Four Freudian Slips... wearing slips naturally, two belly dancers, vampires and lingerie models (I am guessing because that is all they had the fabric for? Maybe they were supposed to be a slutty story book character but I digress) and I felt very out of place wearing pants and a tshirt! Ok maybe my old married self is a bit bitter (... yea that's it) but we definitely were not like that back in my day!

It was still nice to see some of the people I knew from school. The seniors now were sophomores when I was there, so most of the kids at the party I had never even seen before. If I heard, "OHMYGAWD You're married?! You're like, an adult!" one more time I may have had to crack and break my one beer and driving later rule and start chugging. But after an hour or so I said my goodbyes and went to pick up my husband.

I thought he was going out with friends from work, but they couldn't line up plans so apparently he walked himself to King St and went to the bar. Yes, by himself. And he makes fun of me for ONE TIME going to the movies alone because I wanted to see The Proposal and no one else did! So I find my very very drunk husband talking to a cop on a bike, as in bicycle, and somehow get him to the car. Man oh MAN he was completely and totally smashed. I don't think I have seen him that drunk in a looooong time. Insane. I somehow get him home and to bed, but get gets up insisting he has to clean the Navy Seal vomit off of his shoes.

That is when I decide I am better off not asking questions.

Sunday I get up and go to my matinee and finish the show! Yippee no more rehearsal/shows til midnight! I get home and Ryan was awake, sober, cleaned, AND cooked! We had three of his friends over and one of them brought their wife Lauren. I was a bit worried because the last time I met one of Ryan's friend's wives it did not go over too well... but Lauren was great! It was nice to have someone female AND sober to talk to! We're going to get our hair done together for the ball Saturday and I just may have a date to see Harry Potter 7!

Our decorations included this spooky black lightbulb in the hallway.
We made witches brew with diet 7UP, orange juice, pineapple juice, rum and vodka. We also got those fun cups at CVS! Josh and Jack brought the pies with them.
I found this recipe on another blog and I cannot remember where now! If you know remind me, but it is basically a beef, rice, veggie dish cooked IN a pumpkin. It was amazing!!!! Ryan may have left it in too long, it said 1.5-2 hours and we did the whole 2, and our pumpkin sort of fell apart and sprung a leak!
But it was still DELICIOUS. The pumpkin added a nice sweetness and it was just so yummy.
And this is Jack, our Jack O'Lantern. Ryan "scored" it, aka drew the lines lightly with a knife and I had to cut it out because I am "better at those sort of things." .... whatever that means!! But I think it is cute. Next year he promised we could do a crazy design one because I let him go traditional this year.

Also checkout this AMAZING giveaway by Mrs S (and Mrs from Mr Mrs and a Little Miss!) that I am dying to win (:


  1. haha that is all too cute! Love all the pictures and the pumpkin dish looks really yummy!

  2. What a cool dinner idea! I am totally (a little) jealous.

    I have learned never to ask questions when my husband says things drunk, well okay, sometimes I ask because the explanations are too funny not to. It seems like you two had a nice night and a nice Halloween, even if you didn't dress up like a skank to do it. (My costume came from K-mart for $15 and was a children's costume, I couldn't stand adult costumes this year!)

  3. That pumpkin dinner looks so yummy! If you remember where you found the recipe you have to share please! Even though you said it was low key this year, still sounds like you had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs! (And I did think your costume was a great idea!)

  4. That dish cooked in a pumpkin sounds amazing!!


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