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Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Falls

Saturday I was determined to go out of the house. Ryan had a late night and after awhile I got tired of sitting around the apartment. So I got in the car and drove Great Falls VA. It is gorgeous. It is right off the beltway in McLean and it is $5 to park your car (and you get three days with that $5!). I grabbed myself some trail mix and a bottle of water at CVS and made my way with my camera to play.

My Dad told me about this place two years ago and Ryan and I went November of 2008 to hike around. We did the long trail, parts of it you literally were climbing rock faces, not on a trail! Ryan was like, "When you said we were going to some kind of park this was not what I had in mind!" After the trail we had to walk a mile or two back on the road in the pitch black. I was a little freaked. Mind you Ryan and I had just gotten serious, maybe around our six month mark. He was holding my hand and said, "Don't worry... I love you too much to let anything happen to you."

Did I mention that was the first time he ever said it?

I literally stopped in the middle of the road and looked at him in shock. He smiled and said, "What? I love you."

"I love you too."

Commence silly grins and hand holding the rest of the way to the car.

I was hoping he would go with me last weekend, but that is a whole other story....

Anyway, these are the results from Saturday...

Self timers are fun on cameras.... I walked away in the first and just sat in the second.

High Water marks. Considering this is at the top of the gorge and off to the left I was kind of impressed...
View from the overlook. Stunning!
Yes I was there.
Playing with aperature and close ups and colors...

Ansel Adams wannabe much? I just love the moon! I love my camera can capture it!
Luck, I was walking by and I happened to see a floating leaf on a trail sign. It was stuck in the spider web and the spider happened to be home!

More to come (:


  1. Aww! Your 'I love you' story is adorable!!

  2. OoOoO! I love your self timer walking away picture! Genius!

  3. I love the photos!!

  4. I read this last night and am just now remembering to tell you how pretty I think this place is and I "told" my husband that we are going whether he likes it or not! This looks so pretty!!!
    I love your pictures, what camera do you have?

  5. WOW!! Awesome beautiful pics!!! Stopping by from the Round Up, nice to meet you =)

  6. What a cute story! That is so sweet! Would you believe I can't remember the first time we said "I love you"? It was so long ago and we were so young, I wish I had written it down. :p Oh well. I love your pics, too!


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