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Thursday, October 14, 2010

End of the World?

Ok... this is going to be one of those posts that make people go "Huh??" but I am curious as is my husband.

Ryan plans. He has always been and will always be a planner. He has plans for the plans of his plans. He plans more in a week than I do in a year. Budgets, charts, ideas, everything! I have to admit it comes in handy sometimes, but other times I have to look at him and go, "You are insane."

This is one of those insane times.

I personally think it is crazy, but he thinks it is so so important and is convinced if I write about it to you all you may even tell me your husband/boyfriend/fiance/Marine/Sailor/etc think the same way or have a similar plan.

What would you do if it were to be the end of the world? What if this whole 2012 thing happens? Now I am not talking about the world going poof, that would be rather silly to plan for. But Ryan keeps insisting "Man is nine meals away from anarchy. You don't eat for three days, as in you cannot, you will do anything for your family." His end of the world planning is for things like the collapse of a government, technology deadzones (aka our online, phone, electricity etc go away in a cyber attack), banks completely crash, or any other sort of similar scenario.

Yes, he has a plan for if that all happens. How to acquire weapons, build a defense, where we would go that is "safe" *yes he has the actual location picked* and other things along those lines.

Now when we sit out on the curb and smoke, or have a drink or two and smoke, we tend to have deep talks. We will talk about our future together, how we think we will be as parents, our pasts, our opinions... I wil admit it is some of the best talking we do. But every now and then he brings this whole thing up and you know what?

It freaks me the heck out.

He wants my opinions on his plan. My input. What I would do/say/think if this/this/or this happens.

I hate thinking about it. Chaos, anarchy, destruction, not really my cup of tea. But he doesn't want me to just "Follow along blindly if something happens. Or shut down completely." But I cannot help it. Thinking about something like that makes me feel like I cannot breathe, like I have an electric current running under my skin and have to get up and move away fast.

So he told me to turn to you all. He said to ask you so I can see that your SOs all think the same way. Or have something similar planned. Feel free to ask... maybe they don't share it with you but he insists he is not the only one.

Is he? Help me out here ladies. Does your man have an end of the world plan? Or is Ryan just way over thinking things?

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  1. Your DH isn't the only one. We've talked about it. We have a plan for if fighting breaks out and the US finds itself under attack. It's a loose game plan and it's mostly for me, since the chances of him being able to go with me is nil, if he's even around. There's a plan for if he's here and if he's not. I don't have food and gas stocked up...I would just throw what I had in the house in the car and go.

  2. Ha.. I almost made my post today about my husbands zombie plan! He totally has an end of the world plan as well. It is town to the T! We have a location, a written list of supplies we have and one of things we need to "tactically aquire" (steal). My cousin and also has a plan. I think its nuts.. but kind of hilarious at the same time. He is not alone. I hope at never happens but at least we know we are prepared. Lol

  3. Oh wow.. Yes we have had this convo. and btw I feel the same way you do! haha, and @ poekitten, your plan is so the plan I told my Marine, haha, amazing post!

  4. Well if it's the end of the world, not much you can do about it. We've never talked about that kind of thing, no use in worrying about things that you don't know will happen.

  5. I don't think Hub has actual, set plans for something like the world coming to an end...but he has talked about it. He's such a long term planner as well..I'm more of a short term (year or less) planner. I tend to brush him off because I don't like to think about bad things happening. I'll ask him tonight about it and get back to you if he does have any crazy thoughts! ;)

  6. :) This was so funny. My husband is a planner, but I've neve asked if he had an end of the world plan. I know he always plans for when I'm home alone for any period of time so I'm gonna have to ask him about this one....

  7. it's funny...my hubby is always thinking of funny things like what we'd do in a movie theater if someone just started shooting at the crowd or if someone decided to hijack a plane we're on. but he has yet to mention his end of the world plans. i'll let you know when that happens!


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