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Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Day Off

Well, last week day at any rate! Tomorrow is the Dry Run of camp, where we basically do a normal day of camp without the campers so we know what we're doing! Then Monday I will be on campus by 8am... so up at 6? Ish? Hour or so to drive, leeway for traffic... ugh. Note to self: Next time make sure you know where you will be living before you find a job!

Now there are TONS of confidentiality issues with camp and the kids, understandably so, but I just need to throw that out there. I will never discuss the name of the camp, any of my campers, or any personal information on them. Even if I have a demon spawn of Satan as a camper, nothing will be mentioned!! I probably will just talk a lot by how tired I am or if I like the kids as a collective whole or not. I love to blog, but I will not jeopardize my job to do so fully.

I probably didn't need to say all that but it is also for me. I may get tempted to kevetch but I know I cannot.

Still looking for a job for fall. Gosh I hope I find something good!

I have some friends from Disney who are now working at the brand new Harry Potter world and I am quite jealous. I want to go so badly! Hell I would LOVE to work there even. But that would be even worse of a commute than the one I have for the next nine weeks!

Ryan will have some comp time soon so I will head to the barracks so I can actually see my husband for a bit today. I know we both cannot wait for parade season to be over! He is miserable at work and I hate seeing him that way, and I miss him!

The downside of getting our internet so late made me not able to do a lot. I haven't had the time to upload my personal wedding/honeymoon pictures. I wanted to totally revamp my blog and get a three column layout (STILL cannot figure that out) plus a scrolling bar for buttons of blogs I follow (HOW???) and somehow get a button of my own! I wanted my blog to look redonkulously cool with graphics and pictures. Now I am copletely out of time to sit and fiddle and figure it out. Boo.

Well, wish me luck fellow bloggers. I hope to keep this blog up and moving regardless of exhaustion levels!!


  1. Blogger has a new "design tab" which allows you to automatically change your template to a 3-column, click around in the "layout" area!

  2. I tried but for whatever reason it didn't work. I need to sit and fiddle a bit more I guess when the time arises!! I am just afraid to move too much stuff around and lose what I do have!


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