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Friday, June 25, 2010

Contests and Give Aways!!

Nicole at Flip Flop and Combat Boots is doing another awesome giveaway on her blog!!! She is giving a gift card to CSN Stores and Ryan and I could totally use that to furnish our newlywed apartment!!! There is some gorgeous stuff on that site and Nicole has one of the best blogs, I've been following her for a long time and she is totally one to follow if you aren't already!

Also Mrs Gambizzle from Life as a Sailor's Girl is doing a blog make over give away! You have all heard me kevetch enough about my layout and lack thereof of awesomeness so help me out here!!!! I just started following her blog and it too is pretty sweet. Plus her graphics are totally gorgeous, just peek at her blog, or Nicole's (as I believe she did her layout as well!) and you will totally see what I mean.

If you enter either contest please say Allie from My Marine and Me sent you so I can get another chance to win!

I am playing around with the blogger new layout thing. My header is failing miserably but I am getting there.

Anyone know how to make blog buttons scroll??? I want to display everyone's awesomeness on my blog so... how is it done?


  1. I honestly couldn't tell you how to make the buttons scroll. I've tried to figure it out! You can get a code that will let you do it. =)

    Thanks for the follow =)


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