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Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Days and New Theories

I am still feeling a tad under the weather, it stinks that these little flare ups now last days instead of just for like a night like they used to. So from that, needless to say, I had a slow start this morning! But I had lunch with mom and Wawa forgot to put the turkey on my turkey sandwich. Hellooooo Monday. Then I went to the municipal building and got the marriage license we need the priest to sign and all that jazz. Did a brief two hour stint at Social Security to get the stuff I need to change my name and have my many questions answered. I grabbed a quick dinner and barely made it to work for 5pm! It was a sloooow night. I teched/did back register and read a lot of my book. After work I met my mom at the Culvers and had a lovely grilled cheese sandwich for dinner as we all talked.

Now the new theory came up at the Culvers. My mom read an article about a woman who had a lot of digestive problems and was tired more than usual and actually she had a thyroid problem. Hm.... never had that test. I will call the regular doctors office up here and try and get an apointment this week for a thyroid profiling. Can't hurt right? Wish me luck!

I was talking to Ryan and he told me a lot about his day, then as I started telling him about mine I noticed he got a lot more quiet. Then silent. I think he fell asleep on the phone with me! I tried calling back twice and got no answer. :( So much for the best part of my day....

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