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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maybe May?

So things have been super busy, my writing here has been pretty slim! Since the engagement things have been happy mostly! There is that whole issue with my car needing a whole new braking system but that is a story for another paragraph. Am I insane for maybe planning a wedding for as soon as May? A Catholic Church Wedding nonetheless? I think I am.

With Ryan receiving orders soon and the possibility of an Afghanistan deployment in our future this is the best chance we have. I have to talk to my dad tomorrow but so far everyone seems on board with it!

Ryan has talked to the chaplain and everyone he needs to. We're going to meet with my priest Father Tom when I move back to NJ in two weeks... and if everything can get approved we're going forward. Usually in the church you need at least a year to plan a wedding, but they make exceptions for military, pregnancy, and illnesses. So hopefully our military situation will work well enough to let us fast forward a bit.

If the church is situated I am still lost! I mean, I can't even think of a color scheme let alone plan a wedding! I just wanted it in my church with everyone there and a fun gathering after. Ryan wants an arch of swords. Would I like to go crazy and have a huge lavish affair with a dress from Kleinfelds and a band and ritzy decorations? What girl doesn't? But I won't. It will hopefully be modest and nice and the best day of our lives regardless.

Everything is so expensive though, I am pretty worried. I am still having zero luck finding a job in NJ while here in Disney.

And my brakes died on my car. Ryan mentioned when he was here that my brakes sounded like they needed new pads. Well I go in today, on my first day off and not only do I need new pads, to flush the fluid, new brake lines, new cylinders.... $1275.00. Ugh. So not happy about that.

So... a wedding. In May. Maybe if I just had a color scheme I'd feel better. Or any general idea at all! Ack!

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  1. I was so sticker shocked when we started planning. But the thing that was most shocking..the price of my dress. It was so much less than I thought it was going to be! And if you're buying things online..google promotional codes! I saved 50% on our invitations! PSYCHED!

    Let me know if you need any help with anything!!


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